Foto: Anna Falck

Sing & shout, let it all out!

Dancing People

The intention of Dancing people is to gather people through dance, joy and sound healing. In a Dancing people class, you get to work with dance, movement, yin yoga and voice exercises. A combination of energy, power, sweat and high tempo, together with calmness and deep relaxation. It is not about being good at dancing or following dance steps, but to be able to let go and feel the music, to express your own unique movement. Everything to balance the body and mind, the expressive - get high, and the more peaceful - get soft. To give you more energy and peace, get better at receiving and releasing. 


A Dancing people class always ends with sound and voice healing, to support a deeper relaxation and rejuvenation. 


The class can be taught in english. 


For more information you can contact Dancing people.

About Keren

Keren Gelfer is a creative and loving teacher who embrace the energetic with the meditative. She uses her intuitive skills, to create a safe and playful space, so the participant can experience joy and freedom. Her intention is to open your childish heart, through humor and depth. 


She is educated in dance, performance and yoga, and uses her background to help the student to see the potential in his/her self. 


Keren is educated in various dance education, Yinmind and mindfulness, Living yolates and dancing yolates.

Foto: Johann Herolds